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Dead Interesting: where true stories come alive!



What is Dead Interesting?

You're very wise to ask. Dead Interesting is a website with stories of the dead. Its inhabitants, though not always famous or even infamous, have two things in common...

(a) They're deceased

(b) They each have an interesting, true story...

do you think they deserve your attention?

What's inside?

Not blood, guts, violence or video atrocities. The stories, however, are from (shall we say) interesting times and places. So, there are tales about and pictures of dead people and/or parts thereof. The stories describe what happened to them in clear, often graphic, detail.

Who is (or isn't) invited?

Anyone who cares to have a look at its content is invited in to Dead Interesting. If you can cope with a modern horror movie, or even the more gruesome bits of a modern thriller/adventure-type series, you'll be fine. The squeamish, those with a weak stomach and/or those of a nervous disposition are advised to surf elsewhere.

Why must I pay?

Good question; the answer's in two parts...

1: Assembling facts, figures, pictures, references and stories takes time. Time and web hosting cost money. Finding the stories on the open web requires knowledge...but we've done the finding for you.

2: A mere 66 pence (UK), or slightly over a dollar (US) is chicken feed for examining a fascinating site which has only one sales page that you need not even visit. Forget, pop-ups, advertisements and the rest of the annoying Internet stuff.

Morbid Curiosity Aroused? Great!

Bring your soft tissues and come inside...



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